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Drew's Custom Baits is a small business located in Southern California. Andrew started his business when he was only 16 years old. Drew had a passion for trout fishing which started at young age. As his passion grew, he started experimenting with different fishing techniques. One day he noticed some guys at a local lake slaying trout on what they called "finger jigs". After lots of research, he learned the technique commonly known today as " Jigging". As his knowledge grew he came to realize the limited selection of trout plastics on the market. In 2010 Andrew started making his own baits; however when the locals began to take notice that this 16 year old kid was slayin at the lake, he was approached by an older gentleman. He was asked if he could make the man black trout worms. From that day forward Drew's Custom Baits has become widely known across the United States, and has even been showcased at one of the largest fishing shows in the country. The "Fred Hall Shows" most commonly the show in Long Beach, CA . With more than 10 years in the industry Andrew understands how important time on the lake is with family and friends and is determined to provide the best customer service and highest quality plastics possible! 

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